New Beads and Beauties

kcp-trioAll the activity at the Kay Carol and Priscila Gallery and Working Art Studio has been keeping me hopping like the proverbial Easter Bunny. So far this year (and its only just the end of March!) we’ve had the several featured artists, cleaned and painted the gallery in preparation for more, hosted musical events and a one day bead sale with Voices of the Stone.

We’ve been REALLY busy, but not too busy to do some art. I’ve been etching more metal to make into pendants and earrings, and I’ve been meeting with my bead buddies to string up new jewelry and learn new techniques. That’s in addition to making spinners and bead strands for the gallery, helping to get everything organized and running smoothly at the gallery, which is an art unto itself. Thank goodness I have lots of cohorts helping with a project that vast. Here’s a pic of me, Marcelo and Christina. Together we coordinate and facilitate what’s going on at KCP and with arts in the community. Stop by at 364 Main Street in Longmont on a Friday or Saturday and see us there, or come by the gallery during any open hours and see what is new.

We have 5 resident artists now, and I’m one of them. I have my working studio there and teach classes, as do other local artists. Here are pics of the beautiful pile of beads I purchased at the VOS trunk show and two necklaces I’ve made using some of them. I’ve been etching more brass, bronze, copper and nickle silver to make into pendants and earrings, and those are being worked into new jewelry also.

The green pendant features a bead woven bezel by Laurie Parker Swenson. She’s going to teach how to do that at KCP. Here’s a peek at her new Pursona website, which I am helping her to build. That is something we do at KCP also! Please do take a look at the gorgeous beadwork that Laurie and her partner Deborah Valdez of Howlin’ Coyote create and sell.

Kay Carol & Priscila | Gallery and Working Art Studios


This is a great time for new beginnings, and I’ve got several in the works in this new year. I’ve relocated my studio space to 364 Main Street in Longmont, where I am making new art, giving classes, and finishing projects that have been in the works for a while. Here’s the start of a [...]

Winding Down, and Winding Up!

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The year 2013 is coming to a close, as is the last semester in my degree program at Front Range Community College. My Media Graphic Design degree is within reach, and I have enjoyed all the art classes there so much that I’m going to continue to take a few here and there as I [...]

Festival on Main


Bryan and I’ll be showing jewelry, artwork and books, and doing some demos including beaded kumihimo at the Firehouse Art Center later this month Friday August 23, 2013, 6 – 9 p.m. at the Longmont Festival on Main. Do stop by and say hello if you are in town!

Title: Festival on Main Location: 667 [...]

I Fall To Pieces


Patsy Cline said it so well…some days things just are NOT all together. That’s how it is right now for the purple faerie ball joint doll that I am making. First the cat stole one of her lower arms—luckily I have made a paper under-body pattern that I am testing and it was no problem [...]

Aurora Rose, a Ball Joint Doll

Aurora Rose, before bangs

I just finished making my first ball jointed doll, and its been a fun filled learning curve. I’ve made many dolls, but she’s the most complex. Kato Polyclay is extremely tough and durable, and after sanding has a beautiful skin-like texture. I used a 12.5 oz. block of beige/flesh and had around 3 oz. [...]

Springtime in the Rockies


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We still have a few inches of snow on the ground here at the 2nd of May, [...]

Reconstructing the Past


This semester I’m taking part in a wonderful project as one part of an Independent Study in metal work/jewelry construction at Front Range Community College. This is a service-learning project in cooperation with classes in Metal/Jewelry, Women’s Sexuality and Women in US History, honoring 11 female elders in the Boulder County Community and was [...]

Tidy Up The Paperwork, Then Treats!


Sometimes part of getting on with new business in the new year includes those little bits of business from before. Like preparing and filing taxes, FAFSA forms and other paperwork, updating my resume and all that other stuff needed for going forward, so I’ve been diligent.

I’m even getting pages from my old website re-formatted [...]