Miniature Perfume Bottles and Trays

perfumebottle-set-1Making miniature accessories for a doll’s boudoir using polymer clay, beads, some glue is fun and easy! I particularly enjoy adding tiny touches of scaled-down reality like the tiny labels I can making using liquid polymer clay and images of vintage labels. I use images from the Twisted Papers cd of cosmetic labels as well as others that I’ve created or found on the internet that permission has been given to use.

Twisted Papers is a GREAT resource for all sorts of design images. I re-size them in photoshop and print onto photo paper. I use a deskjet color printer and cut out smaller sections, then coat the pieces with liquid polymer clay. After baking I soak the pieces in water and gently rub to remove the paper backing, leaving the ink and the polymer clay. A

fter trimming and applying the labels, more beads and bits of metal, rock, or glass can be added to give the look of fancy bottles with tops. These are glued in place with E600 clear epoxy onto trays made with polymer clay.

Make them plain, or fancy–use rubber stamps or molds to create impressions, and then antique the pieces using a stain made from acrylic paint, varathane polyurethane, and a bit of pearl-ex powder. Here you can see them made up in ivory, gold, bronze, silver and black.

I like to use the Krylon metal leaf pens to give the edges strong highlights.These are available in copper, silver, gold, and red. I’m getting ready to make a great many miniature sets for sale, and as part of an upcoming online video tutorial series for making dolls and miniature accessories. I already have a miniature vanity set tutorial available from my etsy store, and I’ll be selling kits with beads, crystals and labels for making your own little sets.

I’m going to be doing several new projects and tutorials during the rest of 2014, and this is a good place to start and get some practice before bigger projects!