More at Madames House

The ladies all enjoy a touch of gardening, and spending the warm Spring and Summer afternoons appreciating the flowers that bloom. Rosie always makes sure to to stay in the shade herself though, to protect her complexion.

Mai also appreciates the beauty of a colorful floral design. She is taking a course in tattoo art and loves to show off her homework.

polymer clay doll polymer clay doll polymer clay doll.
 polymer clay doll   masquerade night polymer clay dolls

June is traditionally a month where those wedding bells ring, and Juney Mae is dressed in white and ready for the honeymoon. All she has to do is find the right groom! By skipping the legal details, there’s no need for divorce, either.

July finds Sheila wearing the local crown and sash of Miss Firecracker. The Mayor himself was there at the fireworks party, as were half of the local fire department from Station #3. They drove the antique engine in the parade and Sheila waved for all she’s worth! She’s happiest riding the old ones.

At Chez Madames, they  don’t save the Masquerade for Halloween. They enjoy a good Masked Ball in any month!

Madame's boudouir--miniatures and dolls in polymer clay

Madame Bette and her sisters have their own quarters in the remodeled Carriage House, and love the cozy effect of the warm pink and coral tones–so flattering to  their skin! This is Madame Bette’s own boudoir. The sisters like to gather for the occasional quiet meeting of the minds over chocolates, away from the hustle and bustle at the main house. One of her more treasured possessions is her signed photo of Mr. K and the many fond memories….Andy was such a sweet boy; so sad when the young ones go too soon.

polymer clay boudoir

BonBon Bertie in Madame's boudoir--polymer clay doll and miniatures

Christmas is a time for celebration all month long. The ladies all love presents and keep an eye on the mistletoe, and the champagne flows even more than most months! They love top decorate themselves for the Wintertime Festivities, and the House too. You might be amazed where all you can hang an ornament!

Christmas at Chez Madames--polymer clay dolls and miniatures

Sandra likes to wait with the cookies and milk…and brandy and champagne…for Santa’s arrival. Happy Ho-Ho-Hos!