Miniature Mask Swap 2011

The 2011 miniature mask swap has come and gone–all 33 participating artists’ masks arrived in boxes or bags, were sorted out (thank you Laura and Margie for all your help!) bagged in nine  grouped sets of ten , and mailed out by my trusty shipping and receiving expert (AKA Bryan, or “Mr. Sarajane’s”).

Most of the artists participated in 1, 2 or 3 groups, and sent in ten masks per group. After waiting patiently, they get back one of their own and 9 from other artists in their group.  As the one who does the sorting and sending (known in such events as “swapmeister”) I get to be in all ten groups. I freely admit this is out of raging greed for all these little wonders, but it also serves to allow me to collect and keep a record of this amazing group of tiny artistic endeavors.

I ended up making and swapping 90 masks this time, and I am very happy with the ones that I got in return. The swap parameters ask that each artist fit their creation inside a three inch square, and use polymer clay. Other than Other details are up to the individual. The masks I’ve collected in previous years can be seen in “A Collection of Polymer Clay Masks” PolyMarket Press. Here’s a gallery of many of the masks from this year’s swap.

Click the image to see a larger view.

Thank you again to everyone who participated! That includes:

  • Connie Pelkey
  • Varda Lev-Ellisman
  • Julie Eakes
  • Laurel Steven
  • Michelle Zimmerman
  • Laura Curran
  • Rebecca Stout
  • Sarajane Helm
  • Diane MacCallum
  • Leigh Ross
  • Lala Ortiz
  • Karen Lewis
  • Susan Mara
  • Jackie Sieben
  • Valerie Aharoni
  • Bernie Mangie
  • Robert Wiley
  • Kimba
  • Tonja Lenderman
  • Karen Dickey Cowles
  • Leila Bidler
  • Ellen Rumsey Bellenot
  • Linda Hess
  • Cecelia Lehmann
  • Kathi Briefer-Gose
  • Jeff James
  • Suzanne Ivester
  • Jainie Jenkins-Cox
  • Helen Jacob
  • Alice Stroppel
  • Hema Hibbert
  • Dorothy Greynolds
  • Sherry Bailey