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Miniatures and Dolls

This page contains some of my favorite links for things having to do with sculpting, and making molds, dolls, miniature furniture, scale model settings, costumes and accessories. Many companies have full size as well as small scale items; for instance Cartwright’s Sequins has a fabulous selection of hard to find shapes and finishes and colors and they are the only source I’ve found for a wide selection of sequins at the 2mm size. Also included are links to some doll makers and sculptors whose work is just AMAZING!!

Suppliers & Info,

Doll Artists and Groups

20th Century Fashion History Silhouettes

About Face Gallery

Amazing Mold Putty

Blount, Akira

Art Glitter

Blythe, Stephanie

BJ’s Craft Supplies

Claudon, David

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre

Creager, Jodi & Richard

Cartwright’s Sequins & Vintage Buttons

Crees & Coe

Cloth Doll Patterns Darin, Jane
Clotilde Dennis, Mark A.
Compleat Sculptor, The Dewey, Katherine 
Cosplay Makeup Guide    
Costumers Manifesto, The Fletcher, Dan

Dharma Trading Co.

Follett, Lorie O

DOLLS Magazine

Froud, Wendy

Dress Forms & Slopers (fashion dolls)

Iacono, Maggie

Factory Direct Craft Supplies

International Guild of Miniature Artisans

Fashion-Era Lichtenfels, Lisa
Folkwear Patterns

Original Paper Doll Artist Guild

 Glass Eyes

Radzat, Marilyn


Ten Dreams Doll Art

 Junkyspot, The (Obitsu Importers)

Tierney, Tom

 Kemper Dolls Rogers, Forest
 King Tool

Rose, Patricia

 Linc’s Mini World

Sorensen, Uwe


Stuart, George

PCF Studios Inc.

 Stubitsch, Dawn


 Tonner, Robert
Polyform Products  
Prairie Craft
Volks, USA