Creative Connections

polymer clay + photoshop = fun graphics!I love the ways things can go together, and how what you put it all next to can be just as important as how something itself appears when it comes to art and design.

Point Of View is a personal thing, and changing where you are or how you look at things gives you a different perspective.

While the Polyclay Gallery has many educational pages and displays of all sorts of things, and PolyMarket Press covers the print side of life, Creative Connections is the name under which I am now marketing my work. That includes retail and wholesale sales of  beads, buttons, cabochons, wearable art, textiles and spirit doll kits, as well as classes and workshops, graphic design and website design.

I’ve spent decades collecting skills, information, art supplies, memories, and bits and pieces of beautiful and interesting stuff. Now I’m at the time in my life that I’m adding and refining more skills, techniques, and technologies than ever before, and the computer allows me to put things together in so many interesting ways.So do the many hours spent using my hands and tools that are virtual rather than digital–needle and thread, paintbrush, knife and pointed stick, even!

I’m going through my stashes (ok, hoards; I admit it) of fabrics, beads, embellishments and fripperies, and putting them together into realized art pieces, packing some things up for another time, and making sure that other things find just the right homes. Some of it is for sale in my Creative Connections web shop and on the Creative Connections Facebook page in the photo albums section.

Visit the Creative Connections website to see more.

Creative Connections