I recently moved things around in the shed (ok, I had help) I gained access to a cupboard that had been blocked, and found boxes of glazed ceramic tiles I made back when I was taking ceramics classes at Community College. I also found boxes of bisque fired, but unglazed, pieces that I had made and didn’t have time to finish during the semester. Even better, I found the plaster molds I made from my polymer clay originals for making even MORE ceramic faces. Combined with a 25 pund bag of clay I’ve been keeping dampened the last few years, and it looks like I might have what I need to make and glaze lots more—if indeed I can get them fired here in town. I do know some people with kilns!

While I wait to work out those details, I have LOTS of pieces to experiment with, and I have oxide dyes, metal coatings, patinas and gilders pastes in many colors to try on these.

Next year in 2022, I hope to get back into the Wyrkspace program in Laramie to work with their laser cutter, and to be able to fire ceramics locally too. In the meantime, I have lots to do getting pieces made, finished in non-fired ways, and selling the pieces that are already finished. Check back to see how they turn out!