I’m making a new shape that we’re calling “Twisters” cut from 24ga copper or 26 ga brass, to which I apply a patina. Then we finish the edges (I grind, my husband sands) and protect both sides with a coat of Renaissance Wax. Then comes the twist! I love how it shows both the front and back sides of the metal as it twists around–you can see the other side peeking through in the twists and turns. 

There are lots of ways to use these; they can be left oa bit more open at the top to allow sari silk ribbons to go through, or when twisted a bit tighter, a headpin and bead can be used to go up through the twister, then make a loop or a loop and coil to attach to an earring finding or as a pendant piece. I like to use a piece of wire to make a small loop and coil so that I could add something else to dangle, or just run it up to make another loop at the top.