We didn’t do the usual Springtime Dyeing Days marathon with shibori and tiedyed textiles and clothing. I have plenty of both for the moment, and have been working on overpainting, adding metallic accents, and taking the textiles I have already dyed to the next steps.

However, I needed a burst of colorful fun, so I spent a couple of beautiful mornings outside using up some Sennelier watercolors and some watercolor paper left over from taking classes at the local community college. I created texture sheets that I’ll now cut up and use to make collages and some jewelry too.

Light weight, fun colors, some added accents with pearlex powder, embossing powders, and metal leaf  with a few coats of liquid polymer clay…I think they’ll look great with the tie dyed fabric vests, shirts dresses and socks I’ve already got happening. Here’s a look at the first steps. The shimmer from the pearlex powders does not show well on the scans, but its great in real life, and I’ll be using more! Gotta love a little glow in the summertime!