madame20Sometimes part of getting on with new business in the new year includes those little bits of business from before. Like preparing and filing taxes, FAFSA forms and other paperwork, updating my resume and all that other stuff needed for going forward, so I’ve been diligent.

I’m even getting pages from my old website re-formatted and back up here.  Of the more than 200 pages I had up, I’ve cleaned out many and revamped most.

There are only about 20 more that I want to re-do, and they can wait; today I’m going to reward myself with a treat!

Unlike Bonbon Bertie here, I won’t be scarfing any chocolates and bourbon down, but there IS some frozen yogurt calling my name from the freezer…and I’m going to play with my digital paper dolls and that photoshop tutorial I started and then read books for a while instead of other work.  Somebody else can do the dishes; time to play a while!

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