Most of the artists I know have projects that are awaiting their attention while they work on one thing or another. I have lots of them myself, and I cycle around in what I’m working on at any given time; web updates, polymer clay, writing or laying out books, dyeing textiles, making dolls, metal and more. I admit it, I like a lot of different media.

Right now I’m working on finishing up things started earlier in the year, like my ball joint doll tutorial, and a new batch of earrings and pendants using the metal I etched this summer and flowers I etched or anodized last year. Electricity provides the power for the etching without the use of acids and also the changes in voltage that make for different colors on titanium. Patinas provide the appearance of aged metals or a jolt of color on brass, bronze, copper and nickle silver.

Time for lots of things to finally come together into finished pieces. In the last two weeks I’ve made a lot of progress…but there’s lots more to do! Here you see three trays of pendants. Some of the textures are from dingbat fonts, Dover Pictorial Archive images, and some I drew myself. I love putting together the various pieces!