We’ve traded in the growing expenses and rapidly enlarging census of Colorado for a new way of doing things with a home, home on the range in Wyoming. I loved a lot about  CO in the two decades we spent there, and my sons, husband and l all got a good solid dose of Edifying Experience. We had years of schooling that resulted in high school graduations and multiple degrees all around.  

While we treasure the experiences and friendships, the desire to go somewhere less crowded and practice art and music grew, and we no longer needed to be close to schools. So, we loaded up the truck and moved north to Wyoming…and let me say, there is nothing quite like moving to put you in touch with all your worldly goods. 

I have art supplies I had not seen in ages. I divested of many things, but kept what I want to work with now. Here in the new place, supplies are out on shelves in my new, consolidated work space, where I can see all the inspirational colors, textures, bits and pieces that I’m looking forward to making up into new projects. 

For my first batch of creative color in Wyoming, I got the alcohol inks out and started with them on metal. I made colorful sheets of 30 ga. aluminum and cut 4″x4″ squares for sale to other designers as well as larger pieces for me to use. Once I cut up the larger pieces, I now have quite a few 2″x4″ pieces, shown at right, to experiment with using embossing powders and polymer clay. That comes next!

Shown below is what I cut out of one of them; enough for several pairs of earrings, pendants, or parts in a necklace.The two pieces at far right show how little was left over from cutting up this swatch.

In addition to jewelry, I have plans to make laser cut boxes of colorful wood that will feature ink art inlays. I’ll show them off here when I get them made. Now that I have a studio with lots of light, a good internet connection, and plenty of room to take create and pictures of new work, I will post more often. Check back soon to see what I do with the pieces shown below.