bjds-9in-3inHuzzah! I’ve finished up the How To Make A Ball Joint Doll with Polymer Clay tutorials in video and .pdf form. 10 half-hour segments show from start to finish how I make these dolls, with full explanations and helpful info, available through the 2015 Polymer Clay Adventure. Click here to visit Polymer Clay Adventure.

I’m tired but thrilled, and to reward myself, I’m finishing up the leftover bits and pieces. I had an extra head and torso and some more Kato Polyclay already conditioned. so I’ve made up another 9 inch doll to be company for Roberta Lee, and a 3 inch baby doll with movable arms and legs for Aurora Rose. Here’s a pic of the pieces fressh from the oven. I still have all the sanding and detail work to do, but I made several very helpful discoveries while making them. I did not just stick to the way I HAVE been doing them; instead I experimented and the results made a big difference. I’ll be sharing all that updated info with participants in the Polymer Clay Adventure too!

Check back later and see how much different these pieces look after a good sanding, some liquid polymer clay and some color. I’m thinking I may give the larger doll a short hair do this time. Might be time to broaden my selection of Tibetan lambs wool hair too…maybe a light brown? hot pink? maybe….

I’ve drawn up sketches for dolls that are smaller and larger than the ones I’ve already done. I want to make a doll house scale lady at 5.5 inches, a Japanese girl at 12 inches, and a Victorian Miss at 15 inches. A 2o inch doll is also planned, in a fashion doll mode. I’ve dreamed them up and made rough sketches of the dolls, and when I get around to making them, it will be easy with those already in place. I’ve also got a 15 inch faerie that I’ve been meaning to finish, so she’s on the to-do list also, and small faeries too. Plus a mermaid with an articulated tail! I’ll be squeezing those in along with making more beads and miniatures with polymer clay this summer. The weather is warm and the clay is cooperative in a way that it just isn’t during the cold months, so I’m going to make good use of the trays of beautiful colors I conditioned last year and didnt get to work with before the Winter crept up on me.

I have a bookshelf to fill up for my doll Aurora Rose’s room, so look for upcoming videos on making accessories for her. This time I’ll be making SHORT videos though!! Half hour or less seems much more reasonable a plan, and a teaset, some potted plants and some books are coming up next.