moving boxesYou may have noticed that I’m moving things around at The Polyclay Gallery. When I first began building it back in the dark ages, I only knew a bit of html. Then I learned about CSS and PHP and all the wonderful things they make possible to do to/with a website. I’ve been practicing with blogs and websites, and now I’ve moved the blog area onto the front page. All 200+ pages of the Polyclay Galleryare still in existence right where they were before and can be found via the Directory page. Now, however, I can put updates and announcements out onto the front page easily, and make use of the organizational aspects built into and their Content Management System. That’s the PHP (put-here-please) code at work, which allows the user to use code that says “put (whatever it is I tell you) here (where I say)” and it does. (Oh, if only it were that simple with spouses and children!!! (if anyone develops THAT code, please, please let me know….) I’ll be able to do site-wide updates and changes without having to change each individual page, and that means more time to spend on art and writing about it!

Over the course of 2011, I’ll quietly be taking the top 100 pages from the Polyclay Gallery and transferring them into the new format. And of course, adding new pages too! There’s still a bit of work to do with the moving and unpacking–some of the older blog posts lost the links to their pictures and I will go back and re-attach those. So pardon the dust of remodeling. please, and do take a look at the new pages such as the class and events listings. I hope you will enjoy the site, and