We’ve been having many hours of filing the brightly colored aluminum pieces, and I’ve been moving towards the heavier stuff…I’ve got a new batch of brass, bronze, copper and nickle silver that I’m etching and coloring with patinas. These I am cutting into earrings, pendants and cuff bracelets.

Once cut out, I will have many days of grinding fun while the beautiful end-of-summer weather makes it easy to be out in the workshop. Not too hot, not too cool….and when it IS too hot, we sit in the shade and file. And file…I’m glad to now have filing help!

So far I have lots of beautiful fall color happening–reds, golds, browns and silvers. I want to do more with combining multiple pieces this time as well as making simple things. I like the way the different metals and finishes look together.

There are more greens and blues coming also, but they take longer to happen. Patience is a virtue in metal working! In the meantime, there’s plenty to do with finishing these.