2015 is already cycling into Spring, and I’m practicing old skills and learning new ones. This year I’ve learned to knit, thanks to Donnie and the Knit WIP gang.

I started with a scarf with just knitting, then on to practicing knit and purl stitch combos. The white piece may turn into a sampler wall hanging with some pearls and fringe added. The black one, which looks grey here, is the starting piece of a tunic made in rectangles. I’m well into the second side, then two more for sleeves and two for center front and back–lots of opportunities to practice new stitch combos!

I’ve checked out a few books from the local library, and I’m learning to read the arcane language that always baffled me previously. K1, P3, YO, SS and all that is starting to make sense, and its practice, practice, practice that makes a difference, as with any medium. There’s lots to try out–changing the size of the needles, the size and fiber content of the yarn…I’ve also tried it with wire and beads, and I’m working on a doll scarf with crochet thread for my doll, Aurora Rose. When it is done, I’ll try a hat in the round with four needles. I made the puch with two needles, and I want to try again doing it in the round…I see beaded knit pouches in my future! I’m doing¬† right angle weave for the necklace attachment, and it’ll get a tassel or fringe, soon. I figure its easier to learn some things big, and some things little. We’ll see how that works out.