We’re having a great time creating new art, music, and writing here in Wyoming. I have both indoor and outdoor work spaces. The light is great (got a little dark during the eclipse, but that was only a minute or two!) and I’ve been having a grand time getting ink on metal pieces started, cutting up etched and treated metal that I have standing ready, and getting the new batch of metal prepared for etching, hammering, and a patina.

Then we will have plenty of time over the winter months to cut, grind, file and sand pieces for making pendants and earrings. 

Because I am selling the components and also setting aside pieces for decorating boxes, I am making 8″x6″ rectangles of metal and then cutting it up. In this batch I made 50 pieces, and I took photos to use in digital artwork later. I’ve been so busy making more that I have not had time to finish up any jewelry with it, but that is coming up soon, along with the boxes, which I’ll try out next time I am at Tinkermill to use the laser cutter.  Metal pieces will go to decorate the box lids. I will be sure to show them off here when they are done.