We are Marching forward into Spring, and as we sort through everything we brought home into the studio now that our 14 months at KCP Gallery have concluded, we’ve had lots to review, clean off, sort through and put away. One of the things returning home is the Wishing Stick that hung for a while in the back window. During December’s All Star Show, we created the opportunity to write and hang up wishes for the new year, that we would then burn and release into the metaphysical aether, sending the words and wishes into the spirit world with our creative expressions.

Yesterday, my family and I looked at all the wishes again, read them out loud, and we found them all to be filled with hope and desire for the happiness of others as well as for the writers. The one we all agreed was our top wish too is for Grace and Gratitude. After the sun went down, we took them outside, doused them with a bottle of absinth and lit them, and watched as the flames released the wishes into the night. We hope they all fly into fulfillment. (If the person who wished for the horse gets one, I do wish that you also have a place to put her…)

I thank Tony Camp and Marcelo Fernandez for providing a place where we shared our creativity in art, music and community.

Thank you to Christina Cappelletti; you were a joy with whom to work and we accomplished a lot.

A huge thank you to all the artists and musicians who’ve been through to talk with me, work with me, and engage with your art; I very much enjoy connecting with you and your work.

Thank you to all the vendors and businesses who lend their support, donate printing services, donate local brew and local foods for events and who do delicious work, right here in Longmont. I’ve found several new places my family loves to have a lunch or dinner!

Thank you to the very creative Margie Drake, who gave me the Twisted Filbert (Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick) branch from her garden–after painting it a beautiful sparkly turquoise. We hung all the wishes from it in the window, and it will continue to serve as a memento and a display piece in my next iteration.  Thanks also for the very-high-proof bottle of accelerent; its true that absinth makes the heart grow fonder, and also that it burns really well when poured on watercolor paper!

Thank you to Mercedes Lindenoak and Ariella Chipps of the FRCC Art Club, who helped me paint, cut and emboss the stars. They served the purpose of raising funds for the Art Club in 2013, and they did excellent service as the bearer of the wishes.

Thank you to my family and friends, who are part of the cycle of awareness and growth with me, including the parts that are not pleasant or comfortable. I am supported and strengthened by having you in my life.

Thank you to every man, woman, child, dog and bird that came in to enjoy and to support the creative vibe!

Thank you to the Creative Spirit that is in all things for the abilities to perceive and to communicate through words, art, and music.  May we all go forward with Grace and Gratitude.