These wooden ladies make quite a crowd! I’ve been using the 80 watt laser cutter at Tinkermill to cut charms that can be made into keychains, earrings, pendants, or spirit dolls. I started with my own ink drawings and brought them into a free CAD program called Inkscape. the first batch had only lines, no shading. I much prefer the second edition with shading layers added.

I chose my favorite 3 faces among the dozen or so I drew, and made files with just the faces in ovals that will be great for adding beads, lace, feathers, and fibers. Then I did outlines for several different “hair-do’s” and put each face in each ‘do. I flipped them all to make left and right facing faces. Then, just to have even more options, I did them at several different sizes.

Some have holes for stringing, some can be glued in place as a cabochon in bead embroidery or mosaics. All of these are on 1/8″ thick birch, but next week I’ll play with some more variables, like different wood, and adding color!

I’ll be selling these in my updated etsy store and on Facebook–stay tuned for more details.