ETCH-JEWELRY6I love collecting fonts to use in laying out articles and books. Particularly fun are dingbats; which have a pictorial glyph instead of a letter for each character.

These can be used to make newsletters and cards look great–or to make transfers for direct use on polymer clay, to make rubber stamps through Ready Stamps,  to print with laser toner on PnP paper or on transparency acrylic sheets to use in metal etching with electricity.

Not all fonts are free for commercial use, so do check on the restrictions when you download them. With the exception of the gears, the images seen at left are dingbats.

I create 8.5 x 11 inch printable files in Adobe Photoshop using dingbats and images from the Dover pictorial archives. Many dingbats and clipart from computers is actually from the Dover pictorial archive collection and these are free for use by artists with no violation of copyrights.