filigree-egg1As the wheel of the seasons keeps turning and Winter Solstice is coming right up, I’m reminded as always to take a good hard look at what I’ve done this year and what I’d like to do next. Some recent health issues have made me exceeding grateful for good health and creative energies when I do have them, and willing to do all that is needed, including slowing down some, in order to continue on with the happy business of learning, instructing, making and doing. I’ll be paring down and going a bit slower, but still forward and having fun! Sometime a stern reminder to focus is a good thing!

I’m taking things quiet and slow during this break between semesters at school, but as my energies return I’m spending an hour here and there making sure I remember my webdesign skills, and converting a few of my old website pages to the new content management system I’m using here. ( from if you are curious, the free self hosted version) I’ve been meaning to add more of the content back in, but just haven’t had time with school.

So here are three pages on polymer clay covered eggs, how to prepare them, and how to use a decorative filigree technique I developed when I just couldn’t get Mike B’s micashift technique to work because I cut too deep every time. (That technique works for me if I bake and then sand away the raised bits though!!) Mistakes and inabilities to follow directions exactly can sometimes lead to very interesting places in art!