Helen Hughes-polymer clay sun moon mask

It’s still feeling very summery here at 95 degrees this August day…but at night there’s a hint in the air that Autumn is coming. And it’s here right now in this picture!

Pictures, pictures,  all day long…I edited them all morning, and finished 35 pictures, and then took 50 more. I reshot 2 dozen polymer clay mini masks that I had already done a year ago because I know so much more about it now. They look so much better that it is completely worth the time to redo them. It usually is, unless you are having a “Cut, Print, Lets Move On!” sort of schedule ala Ed Woods–and then things can start to show the difference. Along the way I’ve learned what NOT to do, and how to get the best out of my camera (though gear lust has raised its ugly head and I’m thinking about a new one for the next book. I don’t want to change my horse in midstream now though!

Bryan and I are oohing and ahhing a lot as we go through the collection of masks and unwrap the goodies. Here’s one from today’s shoot that came from Helen Hughes, circa the 2003 miniature mask swap. I have images of the masks from this year of the annual swaps up on my Polyclay Gallery site that are so old I took them with my scanner, not yet having a camera! The new shots are much improved, I think. The new book “A Collection Of Polymer Clay Masks”  is on schedule for release at the end of October.