metal-circlesLast year I bought a small disc cutter set for metal, and a Euro-tool hole punch in 5 sizes for metal also. In addition, I have an even smaller euro-tool punch that fits my 20 an 22 gauge wire very nicely. I’ve used the disc cutters at school, but now that I’ve graduated, I needed my own! You can see the largest and smallest of the hole punch sizes, and all of the disc sizes here.

And yes,  of COURSE I save the tiny punched holes–my own metal glitter! I could solder them to metal…or bake them in polymer clay…trap them in resin; lots of potential there!

Today I got things out and made sure they all worked–they do–and now I’m ready to try them on some of the colored metal  I’ve been working on as well as the etched metal. Then it’s time to put together a new batch of earrings and pendants. I’ve got about 200 pair cut out and there’s a lot of filing to be done still, and then the wire wrapping. I’m also making samples for upcoming etching, color on metal and metal flower classes.

The flower pieces are shown here for two sets of etched and colored copper, and they still need to be hit in the dapping block to give them some curvature. Stay tuned to see how they turn out in the next couple of weeks.