Today’s page restoration here at the Polyclay Gallery includes Our Dyeing Days, the story of our annual color marathon, Shibori info, and the Tiedye Gallery page with more than 100 pics from years past.

Clothespins make a great resist, creating little squares where the dye couldn’t go.

The shirt at right is dyed using the same colors as the dress shown still folded and pinned at bottom–there’s just more solid orange on the dress as it is longer than the shirt.  I have not yet added black dye along the clothespinned edges in the photo here; that was the next step!

We used black plastic trays meant for plants/seedlings/sprouts and they were GREAT for our dye work. They made keeping things neat a LOT easier as we worked.

I’ve added new pictures and info to each; please take a look and enjoy!