Its been an incredibly busy Spring so far, and very productive. I’ve been working on websites for others like the Lyons Film Festival, Red Canyon Art, Angel Readings by Kelly, and updated my own websites page because of the new additions. (Need a website? I love working with creative people to make them!) I also started a website called Its The Little Things to showcase my miniatures and dolls, as well as to practice with a new website theme called Divi designed by Elegant Themes.

The biggest new project is the advent of video production and editing. I’m now making little advertising videos as well as how-to videos, and How to Make a Ball Joint Doll from Polymer Clay will soon be available exclusively through the Polymer Clay Adventure (click here to read more about that!). I’ve made three dolls in three different scales for this project, and there’s a 25 pg. pdf tutorial for the smalles doll, and a full length video on making the middle sized doll. She’s so new she doesn’t have a name yet, but my sister gets naming rights on this one, and picked her hair colors. She’ll get a slip at least for the photos but a wardrobe will have to wait until after I’m done editing this video.

Then, I get to make a few more dolls…I have plans for Edwardian Fairies, a Mermaid, a Wild Western Woman, and more. I’ll be shooting tutorials for dolls and for their accessories, clothing, and furnishings as I go. Learning how to knit last year has been a boon, as I am now able to knit little hats and scarves for the dolls as well as big ones for me, and also knit beaded bags.  It’s going to be a busy year!  Here’s a few pics–I started with Kato Polyclay and a few tools and here’s a resulting doll.