patinas-1I’m having my own little patina party, getting a big new batch of earrings, pendants and jewelry components ready to wire wrap. I’ve done lots of electro-etching on sheets copper, brass, bronze and nickle silver over the past year, marked and cut the shapes, ground the edges, and now its time for color!

Then on to so much sanding I think I’ll  get out the beach blankets and sit outside while I work. Of course, being Colorado in April, we MIGHT still get snow…but it is beautiful today, and I’ve got lots to do. Plus, I have another batch to patina next week.

Yesterday’s efforts went very well and I used liver of sulfer, midas blue, and tiffany green commercial patinas to get a wide range of hues. I’ll be teaching a class at TinkerMill on the use of heat, chemicals and commercial patinas on metal, and these are some of the samples.

You can really see the difference sanding the tops and filing the edges makes after the patina process.