hands-etchedWe’re going back to Ohio to enjoy some of Springtime with family and friends there, and to do a trunk show and metal etching class at Gahanna Bead Studio. We’re getting back to some things and forwards to others; life is more of a spiral than a circle! I’ve finished up my own student-hood for a bit and have graduated with the media graphic design degree I went to get, and enough hours in art for another, if only FRCC gave degrees in art. But no matter, it’s the knowledge and the skills that I went for in both areas, and I got them in both quantity and quality. Community Colleges have a LOT to offer, and can be well worth the effort. I took classes in ceramics, in metal work, watercolors and drawing, all of which augment my graphic design skills, and are a big part of what I do as a professional artist, author and instructor.

Now at Kay Carol & Priscila Gallery and Working Art Studios, I have my workspace and classroom areas where I can create, instruct, and sell work in all sorts of media. As a Bonus, I get to do it surrounded by other colorful, exciting art–and artists. I’m blessed to be working in an autonomous collective of artists and graphic designers with fabulous skills and personalities that mesh, and we’re doing some wonderful things at 364 Main Street! Since our official opening in February this year, we’ve grown tremendously, and I know the gallery is in great hands while I go off to do sales and instruction and talk about the business of art in other places. Then I’ll hurry right back, because I have an exciting year of art lined up for the rest of the year. So many projects; so little time!