The leaves are just starting to turn, but polymer clay and colored inks are providing the ongoing bursts of color happening at my house right now. Click the image to see all three in the slideshow.

A new batch of etched brass beads looks like antique brocade and sari silks to me, and the brass lava light beads are going to be gorgeous with 100% cotton shibori dyed fabric about to be turned into vests that I’ll finish this coming winter–to be ready for summertime when it comes again. I’m also planning upcoming classes in these in Colorado and Ohio. Let me know if your group is interested in booking a day or two day class!

I’m taking advantage of the warm weather remaining to make up new polymer clay canes from the colors I mixed up last year and didn’t get around to using. Now I’m putting about 20 pounds of clay into canes that I’m turning right into a new batch of tiles and beads. As I go I use up the bits and pieces, turning them into beads. Here’s what I’ve been doing while the summer turned into fall!

polymer clay lentil beads

My hands are a little tired, but I rotate the various parts of doing things and am enjoying the great range of colors. This is just a start–I have 75 new canes made and a shoe box full of flower canes, all ready to make into new beads in the next month. Stay tuned for more!