Or perhaps I mean: mini hands made of light (as in laser) work. I’m having so much fun with these mehndi hands made of birch wood using the laser cutter that I’m now doing them in 3 sizes, 3″, 2 1/4″, and a bit over an inch long.I can burn to different depths, allowing color variation too. I’ll add some hardwoods to the mix soon, but thats another day’s learning curve. I’m selling these online at Etsy and on Facebook, and will be taking them to bead stores and galleries soon also.

In addition, I’ve started some laser cut faces starting with my drawings and turning them into vector designs for the laser cutter. This first batch is just a starting point– I added shading details and I think I’ll color some of them in eyes, cheeks, hair and lips to see how that looks. I draw these same faces for my Bag Lady hand dyed and painted bags, and it is fun to see them in this format as well. 

I think I’ll go ahead and add some mehndi style feet to the mix, and maybe some fancy shoes. Eventually I’ll have enough body parts to make Jumping Jack dolls!