free_illustrator_brushes_lace_by_sarajane_helmI thought I’d lost the files from my Illustrator classes that I took at Front Range Community College, but I found quite a few and that includes the one with the brushes I created that allow me to “draw” lace onto lines. It may sound simple, but they took some doing; you start by building a swatch out of shapes, then build a brush out of swatches that tell each set of the image where to be on the line.

It is obsessive-compulsive fun at its art-geekiest, and I’m proud to be learning the skills! I’m passing them on, as well, both by tutoring and offering instruction, and by sharing the brushes. There’s a download of the .ai brush library and info on the page here.

I put the graphic novel I drew with Illustrator up as well; it was from the Illustrator and the Graphic Novel class at FRCC, and I highly recommend their classes. Local community colleges have a LOT to offer.