spirit-doll-2013This is a great time for new beginnings, and I’ve got several in the works in this new year. I’ve relocated my studio space to 364 Main Street in Longmont, where I am making new art, giving classes, and finishing projects that have been in the works for a while. Here’s the start of a new spirit doll, made in the first session. She needs more hair, and of course, beads!

I’m working on projects for the upcoming books Making Faces, Molds & Forms, as well as Think Inside the Box, and I’ve got three new faces ready for making molds tomorrow, after I sculpt a few more! I am making a whole new collection of polymer clay and ceramic faces and hands. That includes more of the Victorian hand beads.

There is a skylight in the classroom space of the gallery, open space, with tables, and it is easy to take pictures as I work. I have 100 miniature masks to make for the 2014 swap, and I have until May to make them, so that will be part of the whole process, as well as making ball joint dolls, bag dolls, and as much as I can accomplish in the next 6 months. Then, we’ll evaluate and go from there. It is time to get upcoming classes and events on the calendar too–so much to do that my “day off” usually consists of different work…but I do like making time for a good book or a game of scrabble. I just finished reading Stencil Girl-Mixed Media Techniques and I’ve got the xacto knife out. Last night I made some stencils for use in cutting out metal pendants and earrings and some for painting textiles and glazing ceramics, plus a few for the upcoming heart art card making fun February 14th at the Gallery.

I’ve got a great roster of classes started there, including polymer clay, doll making, miniatures, textiles and dyeing, kumihimo and more. We have artists who are offering classes in acrylic painting, watercolors, and creative explorations of all sorts. We’ve got a few dates on the calendar, but classes are also by arrangement. Contact us through the website and schedule a class for your group!

Visit the website I’ve started for us at http://kaycarolandpriscila.com

We have several artists working in a cooperative space, and there is also gallery space where we are showing work from local artists.

Coming right up is the official launch of the space on February 14th, with a heart art card making event, live music and more. If you are in Colorado, stop in and see us–gallery hours are 10:30-4 Friday and Saturday, and by arrangement.