Helm-123After a lovely visit in Ohio, we’re back to work in Colorado, getting all sorts of projects moving along. Starting some, finishing others; and moving all through the artistic pipeline we call life here in Longmont! We’ve got a couple of annual events that are happening right now–the miniature mask swap and the dyeing days.

This year’s collection of masks ended up with¬† nine groups of ten, and we’ve just finished sorting and boxing them up. I took pictures, but have not yet had time to edit them. That’s a project for another week that isn’t so busy! The KCP Gallery has kept me hopping, with an Artwalk event Saturday, and changing the show at the end of the month. We’ve got a wonderful, growthful thing going there. Plus, I had enough room to create my 100 polymer clay masks, and to sort all the masks sent in by 37 artists from around the world–that makes for a lot of un-boxing and boxing up.

Here are three of the masks I designed for this year’s swap. I made ten of each–and I’ll get masks from each of the people in my groups in return for one of mine. All of them that I have collected through the years will be on display at the KCP Gallery in October this year.