I used to crochet, decades ago, but I never did learn what the stitches were called or how to read pattern diagrams. Recently, thanks to Lori G. at the Longmont Bead Group and this book by Linda Schapper, I have learned the names of the stitches, seen the errors of my ways (I was adding an extra pull through, instead of going through two loops at a time when required) and have successfully learned to read the charts in both diagram and printed code.

Last week I successfully mastered bobbles, popcorn, and picots, and I’m having a lot of fun, in spite of the embarrassment of how difficult it is to count as high as two or three repeatedly.

I’m learning the knitting code too–two more “languages” that open up whole new worlds I always wondered about! So far I’ve practiced on some sample pieces and a few squares that I’m turning into miniature pillows and bedding for dolls, but I’m going to start some lace for a few fancy items for myself.

Knitting and crochet are both great travel projects for the bus, train, or car, and I’m lining up more places to go this summer and fall. This should keep my hands busy in between clay and metal and fiber and computer projects!