boltsI’m preparing all sorts of revamped pieces for the October show at KCP Gallery. PolyMarket Press is the Featured Artist of the month, and I’m presenting all sorts of art from the books I’ve written and published. That includes turning the 250+ “bolts of cloth” from the miniature quilt store featured in Adapting Quilt Patterns from Polymer Clay into a full sized wall hanging with a pieced quilt block pattern and borders. Artists from around the world added to the wealth of techniques displayed on these 2 inch by 3.5 inch pieces.

The smaller solid color pieces are laid out in a complimentary border on either side of the 5 large strips that contain 3 blocks of 16 rectangles each.

I spent one whole day cutting and painting my foam strips black, and all morning arranging the bits and pieces. Now it’s time to notate the names of each person who contributed on the handy-dandy map I printed out for the purpose, then glue!

When combined with the huge display of more than 600 miniature polymer clay masks from the book A Collection of Polymer Clay Masks and artwork from my other polymer clay books, this may be the worlds largest little collection of polymer clay techniques shown in one place.