Its a brand new year, holding lots of promise of work to do and share; and I’m looking forward to finishing many of my projects that have been in the works for a while and to starting new ones as well.

I’ll be making new dolls, necklaces, and wall art with the ceramic and metal faces and hands that I’ve been working on and the beads I’ve collected.

I have lots of Spirit Doll Kit samples to put together as well as dolls to make from the “ground up” in the case of the ceramic ones, and from fabrics that I’ve dyed or collected for doll making purposes. Now’s the time to use them!

Shown here are some beads that I first thought would be a necklace, but now I have an idea for ceramic sculptures that have beads and metal, and I think this face might become part of that. I am blessed to have lots of ideas and lots of stuff that can be useful in realizing them.

I have enough beads, bits of glass and metal and boxes of fabric scraps that some of my friends have ¬†mentioned watching those shows about the hoarders… but as long as I’m perfectly willing to use things up and make them into art, I will continue to see myself as “creatively connected” and “art-supply-prepared” and not in need of intervention. Yet.

In this upcoming year, I will document and share pics and some tutorials on the projects as I proceed. I love my new camera, and the best way to get used to it is to take lots of pictures, so I will–do check back soon and see what’s new.