how to digitally color paper dollsI’m re-doing my Polyclay Gallery website pages in a new format that deals with re-sizing issues for tablets and phones, as well as addressing important SEO issues. I read that as many as 80% of people access websites through devices, and  Google also ranks sites by how well they adjust to the new view ports. So, time to slip into something  new!

It is fun, like redecorating…but I have 69 pages here to clean up and reorganize, so it may take a week or two. I just finished a fairly big tutorial page on using an editing program like Adobe Photoshop to digitally color the paper dolls I drew and scanned. I enjoy the chance to review the pages that I’ve built, and see how best to arrange it and share information and images.

I’ve been trying a different VERY customize-able template that I purchased called “Divi” for some of my website clients, and I like it, so I’m implementing a version for myself.

Every few years I make big changes to keep up with technology and though it takes some work, it is worth it. I hope you enjoy the improvements!