That’s also a coffee mug, a tote bag, a t-shirt….I just LOVE using the design functions in the Print On Demand companies that I have been exploring. Read more about the  POD exploration here. Taking my own artwork (and that of artists like Ian Helm and Camille Rendal ) into a digital format and seeing them in different ways is a lot of fun. I also learn a lot, finding out about the sublimation print process, how different file formats are used, and international shipping!

This is all part of the process of opening an online storefront that uses the Shopify merchant platform. It works so well with the various POD apps that it saves me many hours a month in the creation process. I hve more than 50 designs on various items, and that many more ready to turn into products as well…I am setting myself the goal of adding at least two designs onto the products every week, as well as adding products to the other collections too…things I make myself! Wearable art, components for jewelry, gifts….digital downloads and more! I’m busy making new items and also photographing an extensive inventory of handmade items to bring them into the shop. Every week there will be new goodies!

In addition, I am adding Cool Tools to the shop, with things that can be used to make more art…texture tools, cutters, pens and more. Please do take a look!