New Faces For Spring

I’m in polymer clay mode this May, making lots of new beads and pins and faces–both in cabochon form and canes. I’ve made face canes before, but only using Fimo and Premo brands of polymer clay.

Here’s a picture of some of the ones I’ve made throughout the years.

I dress them up using bits […]

I’ll Have A Pink Lady

Here’s a flirty flapper in pink lace and pearls. She started out as a premade-white cotton doll body purchased in a store. I have a pattern that I’ve drafted that gives the same body, but I got very tired of making and turning and stuffing the dolls because the fun part is dressing them […]

Font Fun

I’m a happy font-fiend right now, because I found a wonderful (and FREE!) program called The Font Thing at Downloads.com to manage my fonts for me. This is not an insignifigant task–I recently removed close to 800 fonts because they were making my computer a wee bit slow to load on some programs…and yet, […]