Illustrator brushes and art

Free Illustrator lace brushes

I thought I’d lost the files from my Illustrator classes that I took at Front Range Community College, but I found quite a few and that includes the one with the brushes I created that allow me to “draw” lace onto lines. It may sound simple, but they took some doing; you start by building […]

Minis and More

PolyMarket Press books

It’s been an exciting few weeks that felt like a mini-month! We’ve rearranged a bit at KCP Gallery to make room for showing and doing lots of new artwork, and we are getting ready for the return to school and for Fall.

Things we’ve been working towards all summer are showing results, and it’s great […]

Adapting Quilt Patterns To Polymer Clay

My recent book written with Judith Skinner is finally available through Amazon.com! Its one of the world’s largest book marketplaces, and we are now able to offer it for purchase at the same price we’ve been selling it through our websites and through our POD partner Lulu.comSelf publishing through print on demand […]

Aesop’s Foibles

I’ve gone back to school full time in order to learn new computer programs and get better acquainted with the publishing possibilities in today’s world of cyber-creativity. One of the first things I learned was that my old computer that has been […]

I’ll Have A Pink Lady

Here’s a flirty flapper in pink lace and pearls. She started out as a premade-white cotton doll body purchased in a store. I have a pattern that I’ve drafted that gives the same body, but I got very tired of making and turning and stuffing the dolls because the fun part is dressing them […]

Digital Doll Fun!

It took more than one day, but I got to finish up the project that I started using my Wacom pen mouse and my paper doll Belle along with clip art from Dover Publications. (see the previous post for the start of this project) Drawing is still easier for me with a pencil, but coloring […]

A Digital Art Day

I’ve drawn with a pencil, pen and paper for many years, and cut out many an interesting piece of clip art with my embroidery scissors. I was learning about “cut and paste” as soon as I was old enough not to eat the paste–though I still had to prove myself worthy of the […]

Designing Woman

In addition to writing for books and magazines, and creating artwork with polymer clay and textiles, I spend a lot of time working with graphic and web design. I love what can be done with a digital camera and Adobe Photoshop..and several hundred fonts! (I have about 950 installed now, having had to delete about […]

Hot Daze

I’m going to play with dolls today, and let my project dreams roll around in my head while I do the day’s tasks early so that I can get to the parts that are more fun. There’s something about the heat on long summer days that really encourages day dreaming, memory drift, […]