Winding Down, and Winding Up!

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The year 2013 is coming to a close, as is the last semester in my degree program at Front Range Community College. My Media Graphic Design degree is within reach, and I have enjoyed all the art classes there so much that I’m going to continue to take a few here and there as I […]

Tidy Up The Paperwork, Then Treats!

polymer clay doll valentine

Sometimes part of getting on with new business in the new year includes those little bits of business from before. Like preparing and filing taxes, FAFSA forms and other paperwork, updating my resume and all that other stuff needed for going forward, so I’ve been diligent.

I’m even getting pages from my old website re-formatted […]

Masks & More Masks

School starts up again for me at Front Range Community College in just two weeks, so I am pushing hard to get photographs taken and edited for my upcoming book “A Collection Of Polymer Clay Masks”. I expect there will be somewhere between 400 and 500 mask images once I get them all done. Most […]

Aesop’s Foibles

I’ve gone back to school full time in order to learn new computer programs and get better acquainted with the publishing possibilities in today’s world of cyber-creativity. One of the first things I learned was that my old computer that has been […]

Digital Doll Fun!

It took more than one day, but I got to finish up the project that I started using my Wacom pen mouse and my paper doll Belle along with clip art from Dover Publications. (see the previous post for the start of this project) Drawing is still easier for me with a pencil, but coloring […]

A Digital Art Day

I’ve drawn with a pencil, pen and paper for many years, and cut out many an interesting piece of clip art with my embroidery scissors. I was learning about “cut and paste” as soon as I was old enough not to eat the paste–though I still had to prove myself worthy of the […]