Spring Bonnets and Eggs

eggshell ladies made with liquid polymer clay

I do enjoy decorating eggs with polymer clay. These blooming beauties were first blown free of their egg-y contents, then coated with several cured coats of liquid polymer clay.I drew the faces with a Micron permanent ink pen, colored them with acrylic paints and gathered the bits and pieces for their hats.

Then came the […]

I’ll Have A Pink Lady

Here’s a flirty flapper in pink lace and pearls. She started out as a premade-white cotton doll body purchased in a store. I have a pattern that I’ve drafted that gives the same body, but I got very tired of making and turning and stuffing the dolls because the fun part is dressing them […]

Digital Doll Fun!

It took more than one day, but I got to finish up the project that I started using my Wacom pen mouse and my paper doll Belle along with clip art from Dover Publications. (see the previous post for the start of this project) Drawing is still easier for me with a pencil, but coloring […]

A Digital Art Day

I’ve drawn with a pencil, pen and paper for many years, and cut out many an interesting piece of clip art with my embroidery scissors. I was learning about “cut and paste” as soon as I was old enough not to eat the paste–though I still had to prove myself worthy of the […]

My Favorite Time Of Year!

oh, I do love the time of year when summer is over, winter isnt here yet—and the fall weather starts to make inroads into the garden. There are wonderful holidays at this time, including Halloween, when I’ll be in Houston Texas at the International Quilt Festival again with Judith Skinner, taking lots of new […]

Backstage Life

For every scintillating moment of a fabulous show, there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of hours of creative work that go into making it happen. “My Dad has a barn–my Mom has some costumes in the attic…lets put on a show!”. Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland knew how much went into each shining […]

When the Spirit Doll Moves!

I’ve been having fun playing with face masks, dolls, and beads. All the cotton jersey that I’ve previously dyed has been cut into fat quarters for making into doll bodies and spirit doll kits. I’ve got some premade bodies that were dyed as well, and I’ve put together dozens of kits. Now I’m ready to […]

How About A Hand…

I spent an hour or two yesterday looking at links on the ‘net, and adding several favorites here, plus a little re-organization–some links fit in many catagories; they could be Dolls/Miniatures or Puppet/Props or Costume/Textiles…so be sure not to overlook some great links due to the organizing, do poke around! I’ve added more than a […]