Hot Fun!

´╗┐During the fall, winter and spring months, I get to stay warm and toasty at school–having the ceramics kilns running and getting up over 1800 degrees insures that the art room stays cozy many days!

Now that the spring semester at school is over, I’ve brought my load of goodies home and taken a few [...]

A Glass Clay Play Day

Actually, it was two play days! I had a lot of fun when my friend Mad Margie invited a few of us over to her Meltorium for a little fun with frit.

We haven’t gotten to the hot fusing part yet; glass is not a fast medium and there are lots of steps, but we [...]

You Know The Drill…..

I’ve been making babushka faces and lentil beads all week. Sounds like a horrid recipe, doesn’t it? but the “lentil” part refers to the shape, and even though I’ve been sticking my heads in the oven all week long, things are looking good here. I’m committed to using up old scrap clay for “bead guts” [...]

…With Bright Shiny Faces!

“Good morning to you! Good morning to you–we’re all in our places, with bright shiny faces. Is that any way to start out the day?” or so we sang it in Camp Fire Girls when I went to summer camp. The singing and being in the woods were my favorite parts. Crafts were ok there, [...]