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Here you will find all sorts of artistic eye candy, information, projects and tutorials about polymer clay, ceramics, metal, graphic arts, textiles and many other media. This is the blog page with all the news, and there are many pages listed in the drop down menu above. Please do explore!

Crochet Play

I used to crochet, decades ago, but I never did learn what the stitches were called or how to read pattern diagrams. Recently, thanks to Lori G. at the Longmont Bead Group and this book by Linda Schapper, I have learned the names of the stitches, seen the errors of my ways (I was adding an extra pull through, instead of going through two loops at a time when required) and have successfully learned to read the charts in both diagram and printed code.

Last week I successfully mastered bobbles, popcorn, and picots, and I’m having a lot of fun, in spite of the embarrassment of how difficult it is to count as high as two or three repeatedly.

I’m learning the knitting code too–two more “languages” that open up whole new worlds I always wondered about! So far I’ve practiced on some sample pieces and a few squares that I’m turning into miniature pillows and bedding for dolls, but I’m going to start some lace for a few fancy items for myself.

Knitting and crochet are both great travel projects for the bus, train, or car, and I’m lining up more places to go this summer and fall. This should keep my hands busy in between clay and metal and fiber and computer projects!


Moving Right Along

bjds-9in-3inHuzzah! I’ve finished up the How To Make A Ball Joint Doll with Polymer Clay tutorials in video and .pdf form. 10 half-hour segments show from start to finish how I make these dolls, with full explanations and helpful info, available through the 2015 Polymer Clay Adventure. Click here to visit Polymer Clay Adventure.

I’m tired but thrilled, and to reward myself, I’m finishing up the leftover bits and pieces. I had an extra head and torso and some more Kato Polyclay already conditioned. so I’ve made up another 9 inch doll to be company for Roberta Lee, and a 3 inch baby doll with movable arms and legs for Aurora Rose. Here’s a pic of the pieces fressh from the oven. I still have all the sanding and detail work to do, but I made several very helpful discoveries while making them. I did not just stick to the way I HAVE been doing them; instead I experimented and the results made a big difference. I’ll be sharing all that updated info with participants in the Polymer Clay Adventure too!

Check back later and see how much different these pieces look after a good sanding, some liquid polymer clay and some color. I’m thinking I may give the larger doll a short hair do this time. Might be time to broaden my selection of Tibetan lambs wool hair too…maybe a light brown? hot pink? maybe….

I’ve drawn up sketches for dolls that are smaller and larger than the ones I’ve already done. I want to make a doll house scale lady at 5.5 inches, a Japanese girl at 12 inches, and a Victorian Miss at 15 inches. A 2o inch doll is also planned, in a fashion doll mode. I’ve dreamed them up and made rough sketches of the dolls, and when I get around to making them, it will be easy with those already in place. I’ve also got a 15 inch faerie that I’ve been meaning to finish, so she’s on the to-do list also, and small faeries too. Plus a mermaid with an articulated tail! I’ll be squeezing those in along with making more beads and miniatures with polymer clay this summer. The weather is warm and the clay is cooperative in a way that it just isn’t during the cold months, so I’m going to make good use of the trays of beautiful colors I conditioned last year and didnt get to work with before the Winter crept up on me.

I have a bookshelf to fill up for my doll Aurora Rose’s room, so look for upcoming videos on making accessories for her. This time I’ll be making SHORT videos though!! Half hour or less seems much more reasonable a plan, and a teaset, some potted plants and some books are coming up next.

Spring & New Projects

Its been an incredibly busy Spring so far, and very productive. I’ve been working on websites for others like the Lyons Film Festival, Red Canyon Art, Angel Readings by Kelly, and updated my own websites page because of the new additions. (Need a website? I love working with creative people to make them!) I also started a website called Its The Little Things to showcase my miniatures and dolls, as well as to practice with a new website theme called Divi designed by Elegant Themes.

The biggest new project is the advent of video production and editing. I’m now making little advertising videos as well as how-to videos, and How to Make a Ball Joint Doll from Polymer Clay will soon be available exclusively through the Polymer Clay Adventure (click here to read more about that!). I’ve made three dolls in three different scales for this project, and there’s a 25 pg. pdf tutorial for the smalles doll, and a full length video on making the middle sized doll. She’s so new she doesn’t have a name yet, but my sister gets naming rights on this one, and picked her hair colors. She’ll get a slip at least for the photos but a wardrobe will have to wait until after I’m done editing this video.

Then, I get to make a few more dolls…I have plans for Edwardian Fairies, a Mermaid, a Wild Western Woman, and more. I’ll be shooting tutorials for dolls and for their accessories, clothing, and furnishings as I go. Learning how to knit last year has been a boon, as I am now able to knit little hats and scarves for the dolls as well as big ones for me, and also knit beaded bags.  It’s going to be a busy year!  Here’s a few pics–I started with Kato Polyclay and a few tools and here’s a resulting doll.

Metal Etching Class

5 amp rectifier for etching and platingI’m teaching a class on how to etch metal with electricity April 11, from 2pm-4:30 pm.

To help prepare for it, I’ve also put up a page about using Photoshop and PnP paper as well as other resists for use on metal in etching (or anodizing) for use by students.

Join me for some etching fun as we get electrical at my house.

We can use this setup to etch bronze, brass, copper and nickle silver. That includes premade “blanks” or charms that can be purchased, sheet metal, and metal tubes. These can be cut to make beautiful beads.


Spring Bonnets and Eggs

eggshell ladies made with liquid polymer clayI do enjoy decorating eggs with polymer clay. These blooming beauties were first blown free of their egg-y contents, then coated with several cured coats of liquid polymer clay.I drew the faces with a Micron permanent ink pen, colored them with acrylic paints and gathered the bits and pieces for their hats.

Then came the decorating fun! These were strung up on strands of acrylic coated wire with beads and a lead crystal prism, for hanging decoratively in a window and catching rainbows.

I’ve got these four available in my etsy store, and I’m also going to list some of the undressed (gasp!) egg ladies for those who want to do the dress up  fun themselves. I’m going to grow my etsy store this year, and I’m planting listings now!

Books in Print

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The Business of Professional Art
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