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Here you will find all sorts of artistic eye candy, information, projects and tutorials about polymer clay, ceramics, metal, graphic arts, textiles and many other media. This is the blog page with all the news, and there are many pages listed in the drop down menu above. Please do explore!

The Circle Game

metal-circlesLast year I bought a small disc cutter set for metal, and a Euro-tool hole punch in 5 sizes for metal also. In addition, I have an even smaller euro-tool punch that fits my 20 an 22 gauge wire very nicely. I’ve used the disc cutters at school, but now that I’ve graduated, I needed my own! You can see the largest and smallest of the hole punch sizes, and all of the disc sizes here.

And yes,  of COURSE I save the tiny punched holes–my own metal glitter! I could solder them to metal…or bake them in polymer clay…trap them in resin; lots of potential there!

Today I got things out and made sure they all worked–they do–and now I’m ready to try them on some of the colored metal  I’ve been working on as well as the etched metal. Then it’s time to put together a new batch of earrings and pendants. I’ve got about 200 pair cut out and there’s a lot of filing to be done still, and then the wire wrapping. I’m also making samples for upcoming etching, color on metal and metal flower classes.

The flower pieces are shown here for two sets of etched and colored copper, and they still need to be hit in the dapping block to give them some curvature. Stay tuned to see how they turn out in the next couple of weeks.



Color on Metal

I’m getting ready for new classes for textiles, polymer clay, and metals in 2016. Right now I’m creating samples for the Color On Metals class, which will go over inks, chemical patinas, heat patinas, gilders paste, and more. I’ve got 6 techniques just for the inks so far—and lots more to come. Getting things pulled together to share with other instructionally always takes time…but I’m putting together the new jewelry line for spring at the same time, so its a great way to while away the winter hours.


Tie Up the Loose Ends


I promised my son I’d finish his scarf before the first snow fall of the year, and I did. He wanted it long and colorful with lots of sections, and that’s what he got. I finished up another while traveling, and now I’m knitting the final section of my first sweater. I’m motivated to get it done partly because it is plenty cold outside, but also because I’m making a big push this year to finish up projects that have been hanging around a while. I’m going through piles of polymer clay and turning it into beads and earrings, finishing up the etched metal into earrings, pendants, charms and components. I’ll knit and watch movies with my family this weekend, and then get to work on another project–putting finished items up into my etsy storefront to get them placed into new hands, so the creative flow can continue unimpeded!

Happy 100!

100 posts from Sarajane's Polyclay Gallery

This is the 100th post on the blog portion of the Polyclay Gallery. There are now 69 pages as well. In April 2007, I began this version of my website; transferring a large site done in FrontPage with html into a wordpress template and using their CMS (content management system). Since then I’ve learned a lot more about webdesign, arrange the templates to suit myself (and individualize them for dozens of clients), and try to keep up with changes and developments as they occur, like the recent re-do that makes things resize correctly for mobile devices. I try to make posts frequently, but it is a lot to fit in along with time for making things.

This summer and fall have been extremely productive, and I have turned 20 pounds of polymer clay into beads and mosaic tiles. I’ve got round beads, barrel beads, lentil beads and bicones. The lentil beads still have to drilled….which may take me many of the winter afternoons when they come around. Raw clay is too cold to work in the winter here in Colorado in my chilly house, but now it is all made up and ready to drill. 

I’m delighted to be processing clay that has been sitting neglected for far too long. One of the canes that I sliced was made back when we lived in Escondido, more than 20 years ago. The majority of it was not that vintage, but I was pleased to find clay that had been wrapped in saran wrap and stored in shoe boxes still sliced and manipulated well 10-15 years later. Fresher clay is even more fun to work with, and I’m happy to get back to polymer after a long break for school and learning other media.

I’m also going through my supply of sheet metal on hand and etching it all up, with a steady flow of it happening all summer. I just finished the last pieces I had on hand this week, and then the cutting–now grinding takes over. That’s what I’ll be doing for the next week or so, grinding away. Then it will be patina time, and I’ll be getting ready to travel to Ohio. I’ll post pictures of the crystal danglers,  pendants and bracelets when I get them done next month, before packing!

New Color for Fall

The leaves are just starting to turn, but polymer clay and colored inks are providing the ongoing bursts of color happening at my house right now. Click the image to see all three in the slideshow.

A new batch of etched brass beads looks like antique brocade and sari silks to me, and the brass lava light beads are going to be gorgeous with 100% cotton shibori dyed fabric about to be turned into vests that I’ll finish this coming winter–to be ready for summertime when it comes again. I’m also planning upcoming classes in these in Colorado and Ohio. Let me know if your group is interested in booking a day or two day class!

I’m taking advantage of the warm weather remaining to make up new polymer clay canes from the colors I mixed up last year and didn’t get around to using. Now I’m putting about 20 pounds of clay into canes that I’m turning right into a new batch of tiles and beads. As I go I use up the bits and pieces, turning them into beads. Here’s what I’ve been doing while the summer turned into fall!

polymer clay lentil beads

My hands are a little tired, but I rotate the various parts of doing things and am enjoying the great range of colors. This is just a start–I have 75 new canes made and a shoe box full of flower canes, all ready to make into new beads in the next month. Stay tuned for more!

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